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Walking Meditation in Nepal Himalayas

Walk the trekking trails of Nepal Himalayas with guidance as walking meditation in a unique mindful walk. Walking meditation is very easy and we with our walking ability can easily practice it. By practicing walking meditation both mind and body will be clearer like a crystal clear mountain brook. Once you get awake into the mystery of walking meditation practice, every path will be a walking meditation trail and whole earth feels heavenly. To practice walking meditation is to be childlike again to enjoy wonders of the world living by heart. After the practice for certain duration you will definitely go deep transformation and learn to enjoy your present being.

Joining walking meditation as spiritual practice you will learn to experience deeper bliss. With mindfulness in walking you will enter in joy and peace through healing elements you earn in the process of walking in the beauteous breathtaking trails of Nepal Himalayas. When we walk in our natural pace slow and relaxed with smile in our lips we feel deeply connected with all steps we take which helps us to drop our sorrows and the empty space is filled with peace and Joy. Peace and happiness are not destinations one needs to run for but when we stop to touch the ground deeply with awareness then we will realize that peace and happiness are here and now.

Over past decade Nepal Spiritual trekking is offering walking meditation trekking to many people in Nepal Himalayas and it has transformed many people’s lives. Once you learn art of walking meditation then it stays with you all your life. You will be instructed about basic principles of walking meditations so you will be able to apply in Everest base camp walking meditation trek or Annapurna walking meditation trek or any other beautiful trekking trails of Nepal. If you join this walking meditation program and do the practice whole heartedly then the results you will get will be valuable. 

Sitting meditation is focus based where as in walking meditation the meditator centers in the aliveness of the present moment of Here and Now. Walking meditation is suitable for those who feel sleepy during sitting meditations. The mindful walking meditation helps to touch life at its depth generating bliss inside us that heals the deep wounds we have inside of us.


 How is walking meditation different from general walking? 

 In walking meditation we bring our mind to our body and just witness the happening in us and around. It enables us to be aware of our breathing, body sensations, the happenings around which brings us to the present.


It is not difficult to maintain mindfulness at walk. It’s very pleasant and relaxing connecting our head and heart. It is just being introvert and bringing our outflowing consciousness to us. Discover peace and happiness from conscious walk. The walking meditation helps develop concentration which grows into insight in duration of time. The insight is element for awakening and we all spiritual seekers of the world are looking for awakening. The contemplation on the body subject helps develop non attachment. The development of non-attachment opens door for loving kindness towards all sentient beings of this planet and deep love and care towards mother Earth. 


Come and join walking meditation for your healing and to heal our mother Earth. When we learn to do walking meditation properly we kiss the mother earth with our tiny feet’s and give our meta feeling containing seeds  of joy and happiness and in return we receive the same. What a great joy to in lap of Himalayas and practice walking meditation. You can join walking meditation for a day or several days. Most idea will be more than seven days because you will be grounded in the technique with this time of practice. 

 Be Happy