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Welcome to Spiritual Nepal

The primary goal of Spiritual tours is to provide time to relax and meditate at your own pace whilst enjoying the serene quality of the world’s tallest and most spiritual mountain range , the 'Himalayas’, in Nepal.

Spiritual tours are designed to experience Nepal’s rich spiritual history and have a deep, life-long experience. Each day we will show you various facets of Buddhism’ Hinduism and Tantra. There will be morning and evening meditation sessions in. The sights you will be visiting are some of the most serene and spiritually enriched places on Earth.

We are not only concerned with the outward experience, but also about the inner journey.

These tours are personalized and very flexible. We will show you the different doors, which one you choose for your inner journey is up to you.     

We are interested in showing you the cultural heritage of Nepal,Tibet and India's: Forts, Palaces, Markets etc. We also want to show you what is really valuable. To do that,  your body needs to breathe clean air, and your mind needs to be calm without worry.  You will be in the same vicinity as hundreds of sages and mystics who gained Enlightenment and  the tallest and  most spiritual mountain ranges in the world- ‘ The Himalayas’.

These are the only type of tours we do, so obviously we make every effort to insure that members gain a memorable spiritual experience. We are a group on the same journey and quest as you. We love the Himalayas and we know you are going to love starting your spiritual journey on these majestic peaks as well.

Come on. Be Brave. FIND YOURSELF !

Advantages of traveling with us:

  • As a Spiritual Trekking P Ltd, we have enormous buying power. And that buying power that is translated into outstanding value for your travel dollar.
  • One of the key reasons for our continued growth is our reputation for delivering what we promise.
  • The intangible element that keeps our clients coming back is a combination of carefully planned programs and services–plus our personal and untiring attention to detail – before, during, and after.
  • Excellent value, reliability, and dedicated personal service…

It all adds up to unequivocal customer satisfaction and repeat travel with us.