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Nepal Travel Info

If you are planning to visit Nepal, you need to know location of Nepal, Weather and climate of Nepal, History of Nepal, what to bring in Nepal, popular tour places of Nepal, trekking routes of Nepal, Travel booking procedures etc. We have tried to provide you information needed for you in our website. Visit our FAQ page for much information on what you have to do for practical aspects. Visit our about Trekking page for kinds of Trekking available in Nepal and things to know page for basic things you should know. If you will still have question in your mind after going through our page, feel free to contact us.

Nepal is a unique society in the eye of western world till the date because of it's unique way of life system, amazing cultures based on Hindu and Buddhist belief system.The people who come to visit Nepal will be amazed when they come to know different superstitious systems based on faith going here in day to day life. the systems like Kumari system, Deuki system, polyandry marriage system are still under practice which are subjects of research. In districts like Dolpa Bon practice still can be observed. The shamanism and tantra are practiced in Nepal and it's much effect can be seen in the sector of art.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are Frequently asked questions commonly asked us in some context on to different topics all mostly commonly ask able which are here with questions and answers.Here are Nepal Travel FAQs, Nepal Holidays FAQs, Nepal Vacation FAQs, Nepal Visit FAQs, Nepal Trip FAQs, Nepal Trekking Tour FAQs

About Trekking

Trekking is another word for walking. However, the word trekking has become better known for the kind of walking, which takes you along trails winding up, down, over and around mountains.Trekking is not mountaineering although some of the popular trails are used by mountaineering expeditions to get to their base camps.

Things to Know

Know the basic things about the activities you are going to do in Nepal so it helps you meet your expectations and you will feel that you are getting good value of your money and spending vacation as wished

What to pack for nepal travel

People wonder what to pack for Nepal. Packing is one of the important aspects of travel.