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Spiritual Tours Nepal

Special Nepal Spiritual Program

Nepal Spiritual Special Programe is Carefully Selected Programe that suits Everybody and covers the mojor things Nepal has to offer. This Programe includes the fountain head spiritual places of buddhism and hinduism as well as the traditional spiritual traditions practised in the Easern world. In this basic introductory program you are introduced to the unique traditions that are practised in the East.This is the chance for you to make your body and soul stronger and be spiritually awakened, making your holiday fruitful. We will make your stay in Nepal  peaceful by placing you in spiritual centers such as Monasteries, Tapoban where you can feel difference.

Nepal Spiritual Shaman Tour

Pilgrimage & Initiation Journeys to Nepal are designed for you if you are seeking something different like shaman tour in Nepal.

Nepal Spiritual Tantric Tour

Tantra was practiced in Nepal since historical time and it's practice was on climax in the medieval ages. People were happy with their life because of Tantric practice.  Most of the temples, monuments, palaces