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Spiritual Nepal

Nepal represents a longing, a thirst to attain truth - the truth that resides in every heartbeat, the truth that is lying asleep under the layer of our consciousness, the truth that is ours but forgotten. Its remembrance, its reclamation, is Nepal.

The days of the Upanishads were the most glorious. The only search, the only seeking, the only longing, was to know oneself - no other ambition ruled. Riches, success, power, where mundane. Those who were ambitious, those who were chasing riches, those who wanted power, were considered psychologically impaired. Those who were truly healthy psychologically, spiritually healthy, their only search was to know and to be oneself, and to declare to the whole universe the innermost secret contained in,''Aham Brahmasmi''.

The lotus flower has been symbolic to the East, because the East believes you should live in the world but remain untouched by it. You should remain in the world, but it should not remain in you. You should pass through the world without carrying any impression, any impact, any scratch. If by the time of your death you can say that your consciousness is as pure, as innocent as you have brought with you at birth, you have lived a religious life, a spiritual life.

Such is the lotus flower, it grows from mud in the water, and yet remains untouched; a symbol of transformation. "Osho"

What is yoga

The simple meaning of Yoga is to add. However, here the meaning is to add Soul with the GOD. In another way, Yoga is the science of Body and Soul purification.  Yoga completely purifies the Body, Mind and Soul.

why meditate

Both Harvard Business School and leading European business schools, INSEAD-Paris, and numerous other colleges, have concluded from research that the two most effective business tools for 21st century executives are meditation and intuition.

The Himalayas

The Himalayas in Hindu tradition are much more than a majestic mountain range extending in a 2,410-km sweep across South Asia. Hindus revere it  not just for being a home to rare sanative herbs

About Nepal

Nepal lies in mid Himalaya which occupies 0.3% of the Asia and 0.03% area of the world. Its latitude is 26*22'NL-30*27'NL and longitude of 80*4'E-88*12'E. Average length of Nepal is 885 Km and breadth of 193 Km.

Meditation Trekking

Meditation trekking gets body, mind and spirit in rhythm

Meditation gets you in tune with the nature and your surroundings.  The best way to do that is by being one with nature itself.  You could be meditating on the banks of some of the most beautiful lakes in the Himalayas 

Meditation Techniques

For proper meditation need to learn meditation techniques, do meditation practice. There are many types of meditation techniques. Meditation techniques in Nepal are body meditation, yoga meditation, dance meditation, tantra