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Special Nepal Spiritual Program

Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd invites you to visit Nepal with Special Nepal programs first of its kind which are combined of spiritual pursuits and adventure activities. Our programs works on three levels, for your body, mind and also for the soul. We provide simply the different programs others provide and we always provide best programs, best service in reasonable price. Our programs are for all.

Nepal Special Eco Trek (Go Green)

The concept of Eco Trek is to have minimal impact on nature.  'kill nothing but time, leave nothing but foot prints and take nothing but pictures. We explore the life and culture of people who truly have low impact, 

Nepal Special Romantic Trek

If you are thinking of a honeymoon, how to celebrate your wedding anniversary, how to give your beloved something unforgettable.Romantic Nepal

Family Trekking Program

To travel with family at least once ina lifetime is wonderful thing to do. It nourishes the soul and makes family tie stronger.

Private Tour Program

Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd offers private luxury tours for travellers particularly to the individual solo female traveller. 

Special Group Program

Nepal Spiritual Trekking Pvt Ltd offers custom tours for high school, university, family, or spiritual groups or any kind keeping group's needs in focus.

Spiritual Senior Citizen Program

The idea that adventurous programs are not for people over 50+ is wrong. The carefully designed open itinerarie is our foucs. 

Just for the girls Trekking Program

We run this program for a single or like mined women  from all age groups, different sectors of life, hobbies, may be singe or married providing all.

Laughing Trekking Programs- 14 days laughing therapy

Laughing Trekking is new idea for the celebration of good because "Laughing is the smile of the World". Laughing is the way of eliminating toxins from the body. 

Nepal Tibet and Bhutan Tour

The combination of Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan is complete program for mountain lover in the Himalayan countries of the Region.

Special Tours For Disabled People

We respect the adventurous desire of disabled people and invite you on our special program to experience everything Nepal offers. Travelling for disabled people is not easy and in countries like Nepal

Nepal Festival Tour

Dashain and Tihar are most popular festival for Hindus and these festivals for western people would be very much important to learn Nepali culture from the heart. Nepal is known as the country of festivals because each day in any part of the country the celebration always goes.

Nepal Monsoon Tour Program

Welcome to Nepal in Monsoon Special Tour program. The Trans Himalayan region of Nepal is famous for monsoon trekking in Nepal. Rain trekking experience can be life time memory.

Nepal Cultural Tour 5 Days at $270

Nepal is land of cultural diversity because of ethnicity. Nepali culture is mix culture formed by continuous interaction of people.

Village tour in Nepal

Nepal is known as country of Village. Nepali society is unique society because of its diversity.People do not only come Nepal to view Mountains but also they come for cultural studies. Our Village Tour Program is designed to experience you Nepal's cultural traditions they exist still unspoiled.

Nepal Spa Tour

We invite you to join our Spa tour to have spa experience in the Nepal Himalaya. This program is for those who want something different experience in travel. Our program is designed to provide you complete spa experience in Kathmandu with luxury stay and tour.

Nepal Skill Tour

Nepal Special skill Tour is designed for those who want to learn very important skills in short period of time in Nepal like making pottery, thanka painting etc.

Nepal Ayurveda Wellness Tour

This Ayurvada wellness Nepal Program provides you a glimpse of the Ayurveda knowledge based on the healing power of Ayurvada therapies which is thousand year long living tradition in the Indian continent the Himalayas.

Good Evening Kathmandu Rickshaw Tour

Come and be entranced! Kathmandu Rickshaw Ride tour is designed to give you an authentic taste of Kathmandu as a beholder. Discover the city of temple- Kathmandu

Kathmandu Valley Tour - 5 Days

Join Kathmandu Valley Tour and make your Nepal hiking experience memorable. In this Kathmandu tour program you will explore the heritage sites of Kathmandu including world famous Hindu and Buddhist temples, markets and towns. 

Nepal Sikh Places Tour

Join Nepal sikh power places tour to visit Nanak maath of Nayabazr and Gurudwara of Kupandol in Kathmandu Nepal