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Sightseeing Tour in Nepal

See the world heritage sites of Nepal in sightseeing tour in Nepal. Join Nepal sightseeing tour program from Nepal spiritual trekking and feel Nepal's spirit. The temples and stupas, the holy sadhus and monks, the tantric artitecture, the religious and spiritual sights, the cremation pyres, the prayer flags and prayer wheel, the holy cows on the street, the spiritual objects for sale, the street vendors, the honking drivers, the colorful trucks, the roof top restaurants etc are some of the things you will witness in sightseeing tour in Nepal. There are many places to see in Nepal for sightseeing tour. The Kathmandu valley once was divided into three seprate malla kingdoms where they developed the fine arts and monuments which are now major touristic sightseeing places.The Pashupatinath temple, the boudhanath stupa, swoyambhunath stupa, buda nilakantha temple are some major sites to be seen besides Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan durbar squares in Kathmandu valley. The narayan hiti museum palace and national museum of Chauni are worth visiting. The garden of dreams is cool place to relax slowly at once own pace and enjoy. As Kathmandu is called city of temples-here are hundreds of important monuments to see. The asura cave of pharping should not be missed if you do meditation and want to go a place with strong buddha field. The four narayans of Kathmandu are worth visiting and important if you are vaishnab follower.

Besides the sightseeing places of Kathmandu, there are many importatnt places outside in different parts of Nepal. Chitwan sightseeing tour, Lumbini sightseeing tour, pokhara sightseeing tour, gorkha sightseeing tour are some of the important sightseeing places of Nepal. Banepa is one of the important another tour destination in Nepal. Please write us about your interest and time available to you. We will come with itinerary of sightseeing tour in Nepal with reasonable cost and other details. You can combine other adventure programs along with sightseeing tour program to make your Nepal stay memorable. See you in Nepal.

Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour

Kathmandu the capital of Nepal is a major touristic area special for heritage sightseeing tour. Join Nepal spiritual kathmandu sightseeing tour program.

Pokhara City Sightseeing

Pokhara city is queen city with seven beautiful lakes and view of mountains. Pokhara city sightseeing is do activity in Nepal.

Bhaktapur City Sightseeing

Bhaktapur is land of devotees. Whole city looks like a performing museum. It is worth visitng.