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Shaman healing Day tour in Kathmandu

Trip Facts 

3 Hours Day Tour / or Evening Tour 

Prior confirmation is needed

The location is 2 KM away from Thamel

Duration: 0 days

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Nepal Spiritual Trekking announces fixed departure shaman healing tours in Kathmandu valley. Do you have problem of fear, stress, depression, problem in sleep, sense of fear when you are alone and would like to meet a shamans and heal your problems? The shamanism is a long practise since ages in this part of world and pople still believe in these methods to heal. The negative energies that affects the persons may they be caused by air spirits or by hypnotic act of eveil eyes are removed by shamans through their rituals. They can predict the future and give you advises how to live a happy life. They can be help to drive away negative energy and protect couples to be together if they are in the verge of divorce. This program is suitable for those who are interested to meet shaman of Nepal, seeking shamanic healing for their long unsolved problems or those who want to learn shamanic techniques from a shaman guru. If you are healer and intrested to learn these techniques and take back home you can take few day long course to several month long. Shamanism is part of tantric practise which tradition is supposed to have stemed from power of Shiva and Parvati. The shakta cult is more tantric and follows more shamnic rituals.

The shaman guru goes in the prayer and tells about your problem and if you are intrested they heal your problems by carrying rituals. Our translator guide translates, gives you background experiences, asks your questions to guru for answer. You can take pictures and make videoes. If you are interested to join long courses to learn basic of shamanism you can take appointments.
Once we receive your inquiry-we will ask the time from shaman guru and let you know. We will make your pick up from your hotel or meet you infront of our office. 
You can see shaman making rituals and healing other people. If you have some problems and needs healing- you can drive away your negative energy through the help of shaman.
The trip can be combined with nepali cooking class in a local nepali family if you have full day time.

The shaman tour costs $25 per person

price includes

  • transport from thamel to shaman place and shaman place to thamel
  • shaman consultation and healing fee
  • Lunch or snacks in a nepali family
  • the guide / translator cost