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Pharping Asura Cave meditation day tour

Trip Facts

One day tour

One hour drive distance from kathmandu

Very holy place for Mahayana Buddhsit like Bodhgaya.

Duration: 1 days

Cost: USD 30

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Are you looking for meditation day tour in Kathmandu? Join retreat program in the sacred asura cave of Pharping. Pharping is called  Yanglesho by Tibetans. The places where the blessed ones got enlightened  are filled with special high energy for meditation and it is a place where the great Buddhist master Padmasambhava also known as guru Rimpoche which means our beloved teacher got final enlightened around 8th century practicing Vishuddha Heruka combined with the sadhana of Vajra Kilaya at the upper cave of Yangleshö, also known as Asura Cave. Pharing these days has become famous for meditation tour and retreats.  There is a building where monks are sitting for three year closed retreat. Feel the Buddha energy of the cave. You will find no other places having vibration like here. Pharping is one hour drive distance from center of Kathmandu. Pharing is as holy as Bodhgaya. These are both navel world points where the humans are connected with divine energies.

There are many monasteries in the outskirts which offer meditation retreats. People come to meditate and pay homage in Asura Cave. People come to hang Tibetan prayer flags called lugta to send good vibrations in the cosmos for the peace which is another attraction of pharping. The Bajra barahi temple is near the asura cave of pharping. On the upper left side of the entrance door is the imprint of a hand in the rock which makes you wonder could it be true? The place is just below the Asura Cave, sacred to followers of Padmasambhava since  last 35 years people around Pharping in the southern part of the Kathmandu Valley have noticed that an area of a cliff began to slowly bulge out. It began to look more and more like Tara, the female buddha. At the same time the form of Ganesh also appeared..Know about different aspects of Tara and be mesmerized by listening the chant of Buddhist monks in pharping.

In the tantric Buddhist texts it is mentioned that “In the innermost recesses of the Asura Cave is a tunnel that connects this cave to the Yangleshö Cave down below, about half a mile away. It is not a big hole. Wind passes through this passage and you can feel the draft when sitting near it. Although Padmasambhava could traverse freely through solid matter, he used this narrow tunnel to move between Yangleshö Cave and the upper Asura Cave”. Feel the presence of guru rimpoche in your meditation. The place is good view point for Kathmandu valley. The old cities of Patan and Bhaktapur looks incredible from the view point of Pharping.

Padmasabhava is known as second Buddha and has great respect in Mahayana Buddhism. In 'The Prayer in Seven Chapters to Padmakara, the Second Buddha' it is mentioned that:


“In the rock cave of Yangleshö in Nepal,

You accomplished the practice of Yangdak, 'Essence of Great Bliss'

Liberating all obstacles and obstructors through Vajrakilaya;

And, in this sacred place you attained the siddhi of mahamudra:

To Dorje Tötreng Tsal, we pray!

To the Lotus-born Guru of Orgyen, we pray!


From “A Great Treasure of Blessings”. In the life story of Guru Rinpoche it says:

“Then at Yangleshö, present day Pharping in Nepal, he practised the sadhana of Yangdak Heruka with the consort Shakyadevi, daughter of a king of Nepal. Powerful spirits caused a three year drought, with famine and disease, and Padmasambhava asked his teachers in India for a teaching to counter them. Two men returned, laden with the tantras and commentaries of Vajrakilaya, and the moment they arrived, the obstacles were pacified. Guru Rinpoche and Shakyadevi both attained the third vidyadhara level, 'vidyadhara of the great seal, or mahamudra'. Guru Rinpoche recognized that Yangdak is like a merchant engaging in trade-the achievement can be great, but so can the obstacles, whereas Vajrakilaya is like an armed escort; he is needed to guard against obstacles and overcome them. He then composed sadhanas of Yangdak and Vajrakilaya combined, and bound the guardians of Vajrakilaya to protect the teachings.”


Drive from kathmandu to Pharping. Stop on the way in chovar to see the beauty of the place and important heritages. Stop to see Taudaha on the way. Half hour meditation inside Asura Cave to feel the energy of the place. A quick trip to famous hindu temple Dakshin kali is option.
The price is $50 for one person, $30 each for two person, $25 for 3 person and $20 each for more than 3 participants.
The price includes private car drive, a licensed knowledgeable guide of the tradition.