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Nepal Spiritual Tantric Tour

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Tantra was practiced in Nepal since historical time and it's practice was on climax in the medieval ages. People were happy with their life because of Tantric practice.  Most of the temples, monuments, palaces , monasteries made in Nepal in Medieval time were made in Tantric style. The National museum of Kathmandu contains the collection of about 3500 manuscripts of tantric scriptures these days. People are still practicing this wonderful tradition and now Nepal has been the place of first choice who wants to know, study , research and experience this age old tradition. It is said that Tantra developed when God Shiva revealed the supreme knowledge to his wife Parvati and several other traditions developed when the practioners got the realization of their supreme search. The tantric tradition is Teacher-student tradition and with out the grace or iniciation of guru there is no effect of the learning in instead there are harms than gains. You can read about tantra in todays world elsewhere but we will make you meet with a tantric guru who will guide you , empower you, help you in recitation, visualization and finally guide you upto the level of accomplishment. Come and join our tantric tour program, either you choose the hindu tantra or Buddhist tantra we will help you realize what you are seeking.  It is a age old path of self discovery. It is the path where you have to work under the guidance of able guru to make a journey of from known to unknown. Tantric seekers have by experience realized and have proved that techniques of tantra are liberating and empowering. It is a path of heart and you will be able to understand the mysteries regarding meditation, intimacy, sexuality and many more practicing the techniques of Tantra.

Tantric tour itineraries are open itineraries and we design programs according your level, area of interest and many more. Write us what you are seeking and we will arrange your tour accordingly and make you find a guru (teacher) your soul was searching since long long.

Tantric Tour of Nepal  for primary level people.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu. Meet at airport and transfer to hotel. 

Day 02: Morning  Class on tantra, tantric tradition, Tantric meditation etc.  Afternoon visit The Patan Durbar Square, patan museum and the surroundings. The Patan Museum displays the traditional sacred art of Nepal in an outstanding architectural setting. Its home is an old residential court of Patan Durbar, one of the royal palaces of the former Malla kings of the Kathmandu Valley. Its gilded door and windows face one of the most beautiful squares in the world. The museum's exhibits cover a long span of Nepal's cultural history and some rare objects are among its treasures. Their meaning and context within the living traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism are all clearly explained. Most of the objects are cast bronzes and gilt copper repouss√© work, traditional crafts for which Patan is famous. Most of the construction here were built in tantric aspect .

Lunch at the Museum Restaurant, operated by The Summit Hotel. It offers an excellent variety of Nepalese and continental meals with organic vegetables and salads grown in the museum gardens. 

Continue the tour to Pashupatinath temple, the temple dedicated to god shiva, Pashupatnath means the animalistic side of god shiva who revealed the supreme knowledge of Tantra for his consort Parvati . This secret knowledge was heard by Machhindra nath when he was inside the fish belly and the knowledge of tantra came on the world. Tantra is the shortest possible way of liberation.

Day 03-04 : Kathmandu Valley tour with our  guide in who  is a Tantra professor at the University. 

We will spend full days visiting the ancient sacred temples and stupas of the Kathmandu Valley--the three fabled cities: Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. 

In Kathmandu: Pashupatinath Temple is the most sacred Hindu shrine in the world; dated prior to 400 AD, devotees can be seen taking ritual dips in the holy Bagmati river flowing beside the temple; Changu Narayan Temple, dedicated to the god Bishnu, is one of the oldest specimens of pagoda architecture embellished with exquisite wood and stone carvings; Bodhnath Stupa is the largest stupa; Swayambunath-probably the most well-recognized among westerners; Bhairab and Taleju temples, and Kumari Devi. 

In Patan: Kwa Bahal, a Buddhist monastery dating back to 12th century; Mahabouddha, 14th century Buddhist monument; Uku Bahal, best known place of worship in Patan. In Bhaktapur: Nyatapola Temple, Dattatreya Square containing the Dattatreya Temple with a 3 headed combination of Hindu deities Brahma, Bishnu & Shiva; various ornate Hindu monasteries known as Math--including the 15th century Pujari Math, the most famous, which has the finest wood carvings and the celebrated Peacock Window. 

Explore the old Kathmandu City on foot. The focus of this walk will be Introduction of Tantra in Buddhism and its implications in the Newari community. 

Day trip to visit the Dakshinkali temple & Pharping, an area in the countryside filled with sacred sites. En-route you will visit one of the typical Newar villages - Kirtipur. 

In the Dakshinkali temple every Tuesday and Saturday the local people give offerings of live animals - hen, goats and buffaloes. It is a very sacred ceremony--visually impactful and emotionally touching to observe. 

Day 05: This day we go to one of the village of Nepal to meet tantric guru and learn tantra, see the strange ritual and make a research.

Day 06: Tantric sadhana day

Day 07:Drive back to Kathmandu

Day 08: Fly back to your destination