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Nepal Skill Tour

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Nepal special skill tour is designed for those who want to learn very important skills in short period of time in Nepal. This tour includes Nepalese Pottery Workshop, Woodcarving Workshop, Nepalese Cooking Workshop and Thanka Painting Workshop. The school students, university students can join and benefitted more from these tours. Nepal is well known for production of art works. The continious working in a single sector since many generations refined the skills of the artists. Nepali handicrafts are well souvenior in the west. They are made with local materials. Leran the spirit of Nepali art industry taking part in it. The program is Kathmandu based but we can remake your itinerary based on your number of holidays. The chitwan jungle safari, lumbini visit, Pokhara tour or trekking of your choice can be included. 

This tour is more suitable for school and High school Students.

There are many other age old unique Nepali skills which can be included in the program.

The tour can be extended based on your number of holidays.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu, welcome by our representative and transfer to hotel. Welcome dinner in the evening in an authentic Nepali restaurant. 

Day 02: Nepalese Pottery Workshop at BhaktapurThis day you will learn the ancient art of pottery with a master potter. Your hands will get dirty while you  join an exciting pottery workshop in Bhaktapur, in the heart of the pottery center at Pottery Square. You will learn from a master potter to make your own souvenir gift and take home your very own creation.

Day 03: Woodcarving Workshop at Patan This day you will learn using traditional tools in a real artisan workshop . With expert carver you will learn the way of Nepali crafts production. You will be able to make and take your own souvenir home. At the start of the workshop you will be given an introduction to woodcarving and learn the different techniques and instruments used. Following your introduction, the carving master will demonstrate the use of the different instruments and guide you in their correct use. Once you understand the basics you will start working on your own woodcraft! You will be able to carve your name yourself.

Day 04: Nepalese Cooking Workshop in KathmanduYou will learn how to make rich and tasty Nepali and Newari food with an expert cook in Kathmandu. During the fun and informative 4-hour cooking workshop you will discover the secrets of traditional Nepali and Newari dishes, such as Dal Bhat, Momos and Bara. Nepal has a distinguished cuisine that is full of flavor. Many tourists fall in love with the Nepali food, but this 4-hour workshop will teach you how to make it. During the inspiring workshop, conducted by an expert chef, you will learn how to make a traditional dish using methods that you can replicate at home. At the start of the workshop you will be introduced to the several dishes that you can learn to make. Depending on your choice, you will the visit the local market to buy the fresh ingredients for the meal.You will actively participate in the full preparation and cooking, and during the preparation you will learn more about authentic spice use in Nepali and Newari kitchens.After you have finished cooking, sit down at the table with your newfound cookery friends and try what you have just prepared. Your dinner will be accompanied by a glass of local wine, known as raksi.

Day 05: Thanka Painting Workshop at Boudhanath Complex You will Gain a rare insight into the traditional Buddhist culture and learn about this fascinating religion through art. You will make your own Thanka, and understand why they are an integral part of the culture during this painting workshop.You will gain your skills in the authentic ambiance of a real Thanka painting school. Unleash your creativity through the art of making a Thanka: a colourful painting integral to the Buddhist culture. A Thanka, meaning “flat painting,” can be found in every Buddhist monastery and home, and they are often used for religious purposes. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to make a small Thanka yourself, which after the workshop you can take home as a unique souvenir.

Day 06: Airport escort for your departure back. If you will be staying longer other exciting programs can be managed.

The Cost of the program depends on the group size and other factors. Write us so we will come up to you with reasonable cost.