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Nepal Sikh Places Tour

People travel the places where enlightened ones got awakened or did stay for days and meditate to feel special awareness. In Nayabazar Kathmandu next to Bridge of Bishnumati River there is a special place where you can feel high energy field. This place can be interesting to every people because of its naturalness and various attractions but could be a most visit place once in life time for Sikh people of world. Guru Nanak is said to have visited this place when he was in Kathmandu travelling to Tibet. The muth is popular stay and pilgrimage place for sadhus of “udhasi” cult. According to the belief, Brahmahari (a holy man of udhasi cult) did meditate in this place and guru Nanak is believed to had conversation with him when he stayed in Kathmandu on the course of his travel to Tibet. You will see a welcome gate when you turn to Mehapi from Balaju Bridge. When you climb steps and reach the top in between tress, you will see a Muth. There is a dhuni (eternal fire) since hundreds of years on one part of the building. The samadhai garden is ideal place to meditate for some time under a people tree. The Samadhi temple has three statues i.e. that of Brahmahari and two thieves named Gothal ram Das and Yethi ram Daas. The two thieves were believed to have enlightened after they surrendered to Brahmahari and became his disciple. Don’t forget to take blessings from the Nemmuni Udhasi who is head of the Maath now. Take some time to see the cowshed. If you want tour of special powerplaces, please contact Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd. Nepal Spiritual Trekking PLtd offers special tour programs to sikh people travelling Kahmandu, Nepal. Visit to gurudwara of kupandol can be included for a day tour special program to Sikh people travelling Nepal.