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Nepal Ayurveda Wellness Tour

Ayurveda treatment experience in the Nepali Himalayas

The use of Himalayan herbs for the treatment

Enjoy and experience the thousands years long living treatment system 

Duration: 0 days

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This Ayurvada wellness Nepal Program provides you a glimpse of the Ayurveda knowledge based on the healing power of Ayurvada therapies which is thousand year long living tradition in the Indian continent the Himalayas. This program enables you to relax and rejuvenate in Himalayas. 

The Health home is run by highly qualified, experienced and internationally renowned ayurveda physicians (M.D. Ay.), Graduate Ayurveda Doctors, highly trained ayurveda therapists and managers. The services are given by the only Pancakarma healing centre in Nepal with all specialties and amenities.
Follow ancient authentic guidelines of ayurveda with modern insights by high quality parameters and training rules
Competent, experienced and highly qualified team of Ayurveda Physicians
Well trained, qualified and experienced therapists based on ayurveda principles
Treatment design, follow ups, daily monitoring and results assessment
Following high quality hygienic standards
Warm hospitality and Love full environment for the guests
Delicious ayurveda vegetarian diet recipes, experienced cook team and preparing with love and respecting individual’s need
Daily routine guidance, life style teaching and classes on basic concept of Ayurveda.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and Transfer to Hotel

Arrive in Kathmandu, Meet with Nepal Spiritual representative and then transfer to the hotel. You have option to choose the guest house of the Health Home where you will get the therapies or stay in the Hotel of your choice in the city and drive every day to the Health Home for the therapies. The therapies are available in Pokhara City too. Pokhara is beautiful and clean city, an ideal place to stay for few days.

Days 02-08: The Therapies in the Health Home

Therapies in the health home for the whole day. There are various therapies and treatments included during these days of treatment. The Ayurveda therapies cleanses you inwardly and outwardly. The program has the following treatments:Consultation will be done first of all by the DoctorYoga / Meditation / PranayamaNeti KarmaEye exercise / Eye washMouth Oiling and GargelingWhole Body Relaxation AbayangaWhole body Synchronized Cleansing AbhyangaWhole Body Cleansing AbhyangaHead and Foot ProgramSpinal ProgrammeWhole Body Ubatan Abhayanga (Paste Massage)Facial Beauty PackageWhole Body SteamPinda SvedaPicu (Hot Oil Sponging)Shiro Dhara (Dripping of Oil on the forehead)Cakra Basti (Herbal Oil Irrigation on Cakra)Relaxation Head AbhyangaRelaxation Facial AbhyangaNetra TarpanaAyurveda Class

Day 09: Tour of KathmanduExplore the Cultural Kathmandu for Half Day. Shopping and farewell dinner in the evening 

Day 10: Departure to your destination. 

Departure transfer to the airport for your flight back to your home with memory and experience of the most traditional healing in the Himalayas.


  • Pick up and Drop transfer to and from Airport to Hotel and the heath home
  • 2 Nights accommodation in Kathmandu 
  • Other accommodation in the Health Home (treatment centre)
  • Treatment as mentioned above
  • Kathmandu city tour (No entrance fee included)
  • Other required assistance

Not Included:

  • Nepal Visa fee (USD 25 for 15 days)
  • International and domestic tickets as required
  • Meals in Kathmandu (Allow USD 5 - 10 per meal)
  • Other extra services in the Health home if used
  • Other not mentioned above in inclusion