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Nepal Spiritual Daily Mountain Flight

Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd offers daily Mountain flight to Mahalangur range where the highest peak is Everest and besides that you will be seeing mountains higher than 6000m are 156, higher than 7000m are 56 and higher than 8000m are 9. For Mountain flight aircrafts of different domestic airlines fly from Kathmandu Early in the morning for an hour adventurous flight where your will be seeing stunning scene of your life time. All aged group people can do mountain flight to make life time experience. People who cannot go trekking by various reasons can fly and be benefitted seeing vast panorama with in an hour.

When the plane leaves Kathmandu, the giant Greater mountains welcome you . They are there and they have been waiting for you. It is said that as the dew drop is dried by the sum so the sin of the mankind is dried by the sight of the holy mountains.

The air craft will take you to the heart of the Greater mountains. You will see Shisha Pangma (8013m, the only <8000m mountain of china), Dorje Lakpa (6966m, a beautiful shaped mountain like digit eight), and other peaks which are seen from Kathmandu on a clear weather day.

The Mountains appear closer and closer when the plane moves to the heart of whiteness. Now you will get to see Choba Bhamare, the most spiritual mountain Gauri Shankar(7314m) which is dedicated to God shiva and his consort Parvati , the nepali time is based on the line that passes from this mountain.This is sacred mountain and there is permison to climb it, an unsuccessful attempt was made in 1979.

Now you enter into the rising sun point where you view world's eighth highest mountain Cho-oyu(8201m) as well as Melungtse(7023m), Chugimago(6,297m), Karyolung(6511m), Numar Mountain which resembles breast and supposed a spiritual fountain to the Sherpa people living this region.

Now you come to see Gyanchungkang(7952m), taken by climbers a difficult mountain then to the right Pumori(7161m), and finally close to the Everest there is Nuptse (7855m), a fine Mountain full of snow. Your heart beats fast and you start to experience sublimity when the plane reaches over the Mount Everest (8848m), known as Sagarmatha by Nepalese and by Tibetans called Chomolungma. It remains a great mystery in front of your eye, don't believe what you have heard or listened but know the holy spiritual mountains in experiential level. To understand Mountain one should become a mountain.