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Maritika Cave - Halesi Mahadeva Tour

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Halesi Mahadeva also known as Pashupati Temple of eastern Nepal is famous Hindu pilgrimage site which lies in Khotang district of Eastern Nepal. It is famous pilgrimage place for Vajrayana practioners in particular and other group of Buddhist in general.  Shiva ratri and Balachaturdasi are special events to observe in this temple. Hindu god Shiva is believed to be hidden hear when Bhasmasur demon followed him who could burn anyone a boon received from Shiva himself. 

The existence of Maratika cave dates more than 6000yrs back. There are total three mysterious caves in the premises which are taken as the three eyes of Lord Shiv. The first cave is associated with Lord Shiv himself while second and third caves are worshipped in the image of Nandi and Bhairav respectively. The water released water droplets from hanging icicles of cave supposed to bless visitors with long life.

Among Buddhist people same cave is famous as Maratika cave whose legend is as follows.

Madarva and great Buddhist master Padmasamhava is belived to have learnt the key teachings of Buddhism from Dankini Sangwa Yese which was encoded as sacred knowledge called Terma. The teachings include the longevity teachings of Amitabha Buddha too. And also Mandarava and Padmasambhava has learnt the sacred power to go for long life in this cave. People visit this cave for long and happy life of the self and the family. This is one of the most visit place for Mahayana Buddhist practioner.

Tradition holds that terma may be a physical object such as a text or ritual implement that is buried in the ground (or earth), hidden in a rock or crystal, secreted in a herb, or a tree, hidden in a lake (or water), or hidden in the sky (space). Though a literal understanding of terma is "hidden treasure", and sometimes objects are hidden away, the teachings associated should be understood as being 'concealed within the mind of the guru', that is, the true place of concealment is in the tertön's mindstream. If the concealed or encoded teaching or object is a text, it is often written in dakini script: a non-human type of code or writing. Great Buddhist Master Padmasamvaba is belived to have collected the sacred Buddhist teachings from such sources.



There is flight facility from Kathmandu to lamidada. From Lamidada one can travel in vehicles to Halesi taking three hours or hike from Lamidada to halesi for a day. There are tea houses in Lamidada.


Way from Kathmandu to Maratika

There are two ways to get Maratika by Vehicles, longer way which takes one and half days, it is a better way. Shorter way can reach Maratika same day.

Longer way

Kathmandu, Katahari, Gurmi, Jayaram-ghat, Maratika or Halesi.

Shorter way

Kathmandu, Gurmi, Jayaram-ghat, Maratika or Halesi.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 01: Nepal arrival, greetings and Hotel check in. 

Day 02: Kathmandu city tour to visit world famous busshist places of Kathmandu including swoyambhunath, Boudhanath, Patan city and Hindu site Pashupatinath.

Day 03: Flight from Kathmandu airport to Lamidanda airport takes approximately 45 minutes and drive for three hours. Overnight at Halesi.

Day 04: Hike from Halesi to lamidada. Overnight at Lamidada

Day 05: Fly from Lamidada to Kathmandu and lesirure time in Kathmandu.

Day 06: Fly back home or join other programs.