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Hindu Power Places Tour

Jomsom Muktinath Tour

The famous temple of Muktinath lies in the district of Mustang and is situated 48 km north east of Jomsom at an altitude of about 3749 meters.

Hindu Pilgrimage Places Spiritual Tour

Nepal Spiritual Trek king's Hindu Pilgrimage place tour is for those who would like to visit the most holy pilgrimage places of Hindus to fulfill their spiritual quest .

Manakamana Darshan

The cable car in Nepal takes you up on a spiritual adventure to the abode of Mankamana, the wish-fulfilling Hindu Goddess. Even if you have no wishes to make come True

Ganesh Places Tour of Kathmandu

Kathmandu has famous Ganesh Temples. If you are special devotee of Lord Ganesh and would like a Ganesh prayer tour in kathmandu Nepal, contact Nepal Spiritual Trekking.