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Ganesh Places Tour of Kathmandu

For Hindus their lord Ganesh is considered as the god of literature, wisdom and worldly success and his head symbolizes the soul while his body symbolizes the earthly existence. Ganesh is considered to possess the power of removing obstacles, curing diseases, helping in completing difficult tasks.. He is worshiped before doing any special tasks for success and easy come over endeavors. Join a day Ganesh Tour of Kathmandu and be blessed with boons each Ganesh is supposed to grant to devotees. Tuesday is the special day to visit Ganesh Temple and besides it is a Saturday.Don’t forget to bring Ganesh’s favorite offerings: radishes, ladoo and sesame seed balls to make him happy.
Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu. Welcome and hotel check in. Thamel walk and welcome dinner in the eveing. Day 2: Drive to visit Jal Binyak Temple. And further drive pharping to see self arising Ganesh in Asura Cave. Jal Binayak: A visit to Jal Vinayak temple of Chovar is believed to bring blessed with children, or find a groom, or cure a nagging backache. Visit Swoyambhunath on the way. Day 3: Ganesh heritage sites sightseeing including following places. Ashok Vinayak Temple: A ganesh Temple situated in Kathmandu Durbar square is believed to fulfill unfulfilled wishes of people. Tangal Ganesh Tangal: It is considered as one of the most powerful temples of Lord Ganesh in Nepal and is famous for fulfillment of the wishes of the devotees. - Surya Binayak (Bhaktapur) The devotees coming here mostly consist of parents with their ill children as this form ofGanesh in the temple is seen as a curing god, especially for deaf and dumb. - Rakta Binayak Or Chandra Binayak Ganesh (Chabahil) Chandra Binayak people come to ask Ganesh to cure diseases and external body injuries. Chonga Ganesh Temple: is located in the Sallaghari forest, just to the west of town. When women make ‘raksi’, the local home-made liqueur, they come and worship at this temple - Kamal Binayak (Kamalpokhari): Kamal Binayak Temple is near Kamal Pokhari. Day 4: Visit of old towns of Bhaktaur bugmati and Khokana nad visit Karya Binayak Temple( Bungmati, Nepal) Families come here to ask Ganesh for help in completing difficult tasks. Day 5: Drive to airport for fly back home or continue other side trips.