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Bungy Jumping in Nepal

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Bungy jumping is yet another thrilling activity in Nepal. Ultimate Bungy over the Raging Bhote Koshi River may be the most spectacular jump in the world. At 160 meters high in a tropical gorge with the Bhote Koshi, one of the world’s wildest rivers, raging below, Ultimate Bungy is Nepal’s ultimate Rush and one of the longest free- falls in the world. The exciting sport has found a natural home in the lap of highest mountains of Nepal. The ultimate thrill of the jump now can be experienced in Nepal probably the best in the world.

Imagine a bridge crossing a wild and raging Bhote Koshi river over 160 meters in a beautiful gorge…..take a free jump now. Just three and half hour drive to the Nepal-Tibet border, the ultimate Bungy was designed, constructed with Swiss technology and operated by one of the leading Bungy consultants from New Zealand meeting all international standards to guarantee your safety.


Approximately three and half hour drive from Kathmandu to the east leading to the Tibetan border within 12 km from the friendship bridge.

The Gorge:

Ultimate Bungy takes place on the Bhote Koshi River Gorge over 160 meter height.

The Bridge:

Swiss designed, especially for Bungy jumping with a 4 X safety factor. The bridge has a loading capacity of over 4100 kg. This is longest suspension bridge in Nepal, joining two sides of great valley.

The arrangement can be made upon arrival in Kathmandu or contact us for detail program and price.