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Buddhism Exploration Tours

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour - Buddhist Holy Tours

Our Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour package is well designed for Buddhism followers or those who are interested in Buddhism. By being the birthplace of Lord Buddha

Buddhist Trail Tour

Buddhism in Nepal dates from the birth of Siddharta Gautama himself. This tour is especially made to highlight the major Buddhist heritage sites of Nepal .

Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Buddha said "Men of belief will visit with faith, devotion and curiosity the four places where I was born.

Pharping Asura Cave meditation day tour

Are you looking for meditation day tour in Kathmandu? Join retreat program in the sacred asura cave of Pharping. Pharping is called  Yanglesho by Tibetans.

Maritika Cave - Halesi Mahadeva Tour

Madarva and great Buddhist master Padmasamhava is belived to have learnt the key teachings of Buddhism from Dankini Sangwa Yese which was encoded as sacred knowledge called Terma.