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Bhaktapur City Sightseeing

  • Overview

Bhaaktapur was developed as hindu city in the past. The city was developed in a paramparik design as rulers in the center, the high class people on the first circle, the merchants on outer layer and finally the service givers on the most outer layer. In the past the city was closed structured with walls on the outside. Every roads directly lead to the main palace square. The richness of the city was counted in the number of temples, monuments, wells, stoned paved roads, open grounds, and public buildings. Bhaktapur was the richest city of Kathmandu valley in the medival time of Nepal. It is still a agricultural district where the agricultural works going can be seen. The harvest season seems much colorful. The local way of life is so fascinating. The tradition and costumes of Newar people can be best observed here in Bhaktapur.

The Bhadgaun of the past is now called as Bhaktapur. You will see people roaming around the squares of the city in local dresses. The feet of the women are filled with tatoo like paintings. They are beautified by hakku and pattasi (the local traditional dress having black clolor and red margings). When you look at the outskirt you will see the chimneys of brick factory throwing out black serpent like smoke. Bhaktapur is a gate way to Nagarkot. The Bisket jatra is major festival of Bhaktapur.

The major attractions of Bhaktapur city are Bhaktapur durbar square, pottery square, nyatpole square and duttatreya square. Besides them there are monasteries in different part of the cities to observe. The nyatpola temple is most spectecular which is probably the tallest temple of Nepal. The pujari maath has the most beautiful windows where they have peacock carved in the windows. Most of the art developed in Nepal in medieval time were based on Hindu and buddhist tantra. The influence of this can be seen on the temples. The shiva temple of Bhaktapur durbar square have most impressive erotic carvings of Kathmandu valley. The 55 windowed palace is eye witnessing. The view around dutta treya temple is price less. Go to the pottery square and leran way of making clay pots from local experts. Bhaktapur is good place to buy shoveniour. 

Bhaktapur city tour can be done for a day in detail or we can cover other places along with it. It generally takes three hours to cover major heritage sites visit of Bhaktapur. Many people visit bhaktapur and go Nagarkot for a night stay. Bhaktapur city is worthy to spent a night and roam around in the evening. If you want to have fantastic bhaktapur city tour, simply contact us.